Two tenure-track positions at Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois

The Department of Special Education at Illinois State University, a large public university with state and nationally recognized teacher preparation programs, invites applications for two separate positions. The Department enrolls approximately 1000 students at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. We offer graduate and undergraduate programs leading to licensure in multicategorical disabilities (LBS), low vision/blindess (LVB), and deaf/hard of hearing (DHH).  The ISU LVB program is one of the few undergraduate programs in the country and has a newly revised curriculum that includes extensive assistive technology as well as established connections with school partners. The Department is an ideal choice for an individual seeking a balanced professional life where contributions in teaching, research, and service are valued.
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HB, Teaching Visually Impaired Children

Over on Teaching Visually Impaired Children, Kevin is starting that blog’s fifth spin around the calendar. It was on this day in 2004 that he posted the first entry for Teaching Visually Impaired Children, commenting on having worked with an individual with visual impairments for a couple of years and offering “some tips that will help you to answer the needs of your student, make his/her life easier and less frustrating.”

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