Kauffman’s ‘Science’ book recognized

Toward a Science of Education: The Battle Between Rogue and Real Science by James M. Kauffman was named the winner in the Education/Academics section of 2011 International Book Awards (IBA). JPX Media Group announced the winners and finalists of the IBA on 11 May 2011 in Los Angeles (CA, US).

In his summary of his book, Professor Kauffman wrote
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Costs-benefits of special education

Over on Squidalicious, a guest post by Lea Cuniberti-Duran about “Special Needs Children and Public Education” appears under the title “We Are Not Sparta: The Real, Justified Costs of Educating Kids With Special Needs.” Ms. Cuniberti-Duran recounts the argument that schools are hamstrung by the costs of providing special education services.

I have attended many school district budget meetings in which officials blurted to their audience, “We cannot pay for XYZ because of our financial responsibility toward children with special needs: to educate one special needs student can cost the district $100,000 a year.” I also hear about how the district has “an unfunded mandate to educate children with special needs, and how this results into an encroachment to the general fund.”

She then proceeds to provide a clear and powerful dismissal of the canard that special education’s costs harm others. Not only does she show how the costs argument leaks (at least with regard to the local education agencies in her geographic area of the US), but also she explains how beneficial special education has been to society as a whole over the past 35 years. Read it!

DR early career publication award


The Division for Research seeks nominations for the 2008 Early Career Publication Award. This award recognizes an outstanding research publication by an individual within five years after completing the doctorate. Nominations are sought across all areas of Special Education as well as all forms of research methodology. The Early Career Publication Award will be presented at the Awards Ceremony and Reception of the Division for Research at the Annual CEC Convention in the spring of 2009. We invite colleagues to nominate candidates for recognition by November 1, 2008.

Nomination Procedures:
To nominate an individual for recognition, submit the following materials to the Chair of the Early Publication Award Committee by November 1, 2008:

  1. Three clear copies of the article being submitted for recognition.
  2. Letter of nomination in which the nominator provides an assessment of the article identifying the research method, the quality of the research, how the study extends the knowledge base, and the impact of the publication. If the article submitted has multiple authors, the contributions of the nominee to the publication must be clearly identified. The nomination letter is not to exceed three pages in length.
  3. Three copies of a current resume for the article’s author.

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