TED pre-conference on-line discussion

The Teacher Education Division of Council for Exceptional Children is fortunate to have Dr. Ann Turnbull and Dr. Mitchell Yell accept our invitation as the Keynote Speakers for the 2015 TED Conference. It is an honor to have such accomplished speakers provide insight into issues particularly relevant to our organization. They have graciously agreed to share their knowledge before the conference in an online discussion group. Participants will benefit from opportunities to exchange ideas, connect with colleagues, and broaden their knowledge on specialized topics that are the area of expertise of these two distinguished researchers. Please click here to learn more about this enhanced interaction with Dr. Ann Turnbull and Dr. Mitchel Yell before the conference. You can view the webpage at this address, however, we need the participants to use the following links to register so please do not put it in your announcements.

To register for the live online discussion group with Dr. Ann Turnbull, please go to this site for registration .

To register for the live online discussion group with Dr. Mitchell Yell, please go to this site for registration.


  • Unique access to conference
  • To enhance the conference experience by providing an extended and enhanced/enriched interaction with Keynote Speakers
  • Interaction with leading and seminal researchers in the field focused around key articles and video presentations from the Keynote Speakers
  • Synchronous (scheduled virtual online discussion) and asynchronous (e.g. blog, video/Zaption) opportunities for interaction
  • Aligns with mission and vision of TED, including promotion of research-based practices, provision of professional development, and outreach for member engagement


  • Participants become familiar with the contributions of the Keynote Speaker(s) in special education teacher education
  • Participants will interact with peers and leaders in the field of special education teacher preparation.
  • Participants will have an opportunity to enhance the TED-CEC conference experience

Reconsidering LEA reimbursement

The US Supreme Court will reconsider a case about whether parents who, during a dispute with a local education agency (LEA), are eligible for reimbursement for the costs of having their children educated in a private setting (even though the child has not previously been eligible for special education services). Should parents be reimbursed by the LEA for tuition and etc. when they, based on their own judgment, send their child to a private special education program, even though she has not previously been determined to have a disability by the schools?

This issue was examined by the US Supreme Court in 2007, but the court voted 4-4 in that case; the tie was because Justice Antony Kennedy did not vote, having recused himself because of a prior connection to the case. The new case
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