Cook and Tankersley receive Kauffman award

Janet Lerner, editor of Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, sounded a note of congratulations:

Congratulations to Bryan G. Cook and Melody Tankersley for receiving the James M. Kauffman Publication Award for their special issue of the journal, Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal. Bryan Cook and Melody Tankersley were the guest editors for Volume 14, Number 3 on “Side Effects of Inclusion: The Unforeseen Impact of Including Students with Learning Disabilities.”

Linked here is the summary article of this issue by Professors Tankersley and Cook. Learn more about the Learning Disabilities Association journal here.

SpedPro returns

We’ve returned from the long journey. We moved from Ruffner Hall to the location for my private server. Here’s a link to a Google map showing the path. However, there was no physical movement. It was done via this (or a similar) route:

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 1.203 ms 0.528 ms 0.745 ms
2 ( 0.544 ms 0.742 ms 0.504 ms
3 ( 0.532 ms 0.578 ms 0.534 ms
4 ( 3.166 ms 4.085 ms 3.730 ms
5 ( 3.980 ms 4.073 ms 3.638 ms
6 ( 3.629 ms 5.102 ms 3.597 ms

The upshot of all this is that one should be sure to use for this little corner of the Internet. If you mistakenly go to the old location, though, you’ll be automagically sent to the right place; in fact, if you go to a great long URL that points to an old post on the old site, your browser will show the same post at the official site.

I’ve finally moved into 2007.

New categories

We’ll be adding two new tags to the set of categories for posts.

  • Advanced training opportunities—A tag for entries that describe opportunities to pursue advanced educational preparation in special education; this category is mostly for announcing doctoral training programs in special education.
  • Positions in higher ed—A tag for entries announcing the open faculty positions in special education.