Who are some of the people in this neighborhood?

  • Editor & Founder
    • JohnL is John Wills Lloyd, professor of education at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. More
  • Contributors
    • JimK is James M. Kauffman, Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Virginia More
    • jktramil is Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill
    • Ghssinger is George H. S. Singer more
    • polsgrov is Lewis Polsgrove more
    • mgerb50 is Michael Gerber
    • randi is James Randi more
    • wertsmg is Margaret Werts
    • hmcgrady is Hal McGrady
    • NMamlin is Nancy Mamlin
    • eschiller is Ellen Schiller
    • nhunt is Nancy Hunt
    • doswald is Donald Oswald
    • susano is Susan Osborne
    • AndrewW and Andrew Wiley are Andrew Wiley (no surprise)
    • BrendaS is Brenda Scheuermann
    • CAC is Carrie Anna Courtad
    • JaneC. is Jane Cole
    • TimL is Tim Landrum
    • cdiamond is Christina Diamond
    • doswald is Donald Oswald
    • specled is Ed Sabornie
    • toddf is Todd Fletcher
    • JanineStichter is Janine Stichter (no kidding)
    • Iam is me

I’ll add others as I get time….

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