SpedPro is the product of a loosely organized group of people interested in special education. Although members include people from government and public-service organizations as well as the private sector, most ‘Pros are academics who conduct research about the education of students with disabilities and prepare teachers to work with those students and their families. Thus, the content of Spedpro tilts toward topics of interest to people who share those interests.

In addition to news and commentaries about issues in special education, Spedpro provides a forum for professionals to communicate about other issues. One frequent topic is our views about current affairs and research. Another is an archive about the deaths of our colleagues; although we surely cannot chronicle the passing of each individual special educator, I hope we can publish notes remembering those who have have made substantial contributions to our understanding of disabilities and the education and well-being of individuals who have disabilities.

One of the most common of features is the availability of positions in higher education; many institutions responsible for soliciting applications for jobs at universities post announcements about those positions on SpedPro.org. Please consult an accompanying document to learn more about advertising on Spedpro.

Spedpro has also provided a forum for publishing statements by members of the community about important issues in special education and related areas. These statements represent the opinions of those who post them and who endorse them by commenting (signing) the individual statements. Please do not infer that the opinions expressed in posts on SpedPro represent the opinions of anyone other than those who post them or expressly endorse them.

SpedPro is maintained as a public service by John Wills Lloyd. You may contact me by e-mail at JohnL [at] virginia [dot] edu or john [at] johnwillslloyd [dot] com.

Last updated 2013-09-02

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