Is RTI a billion-$$ boondoggle?

The Concept Of RTI: Billion-Dollar Boondoggle
by Beverley Holden Johns, James M. Kauffman, and Edwin W. Martin.

The writers argue that RTI and iterations known as tiered frameworks for education (e.g., one known as a multi-tiered system of supports, MTSS) are being widely implemented without necessary research confirming their superiority to the framework created in 1975 and known generally as IDEA. Widespread implementation of RTI and similar frameworks without reliable research evidence of their superiority to IDEA could, like many other efforts to improve education without reliable empirical evidence, be a very expensive mistake.

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Penn State position

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We’re looking for a new faculty colleague at Penn State who is knowledgeable about evaluating educational interventions for children with or at risk for high-incidence disabilities using experimental or quasi-experimental methodologies. A draft position description is now posted below and under the “positions in higher ed” category. There are many opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations with renowned faculty in education, psychology, sociology, and related fields across Penn State. The Social Science Research Institute, which is co-funding the position, is absolutely first rate in its support of cross-college collaborations, and has dedicated resources for initial support of promising educational research activities. The campus is idyllic, and the quality of life is high. Please consider applying!

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