Webinar on Evidence-Based Practices

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Webinar: Everything You Wanted to Know About Evidence-Based Practices (and Shouldn’t be Afraid to Ask)

On 8 March 2011, CEC and the Division for Research are co-hosting a webinar on evidence-based practices that DR has developed as a service to its members and to other university faculty and their graduate students. The webinar, presented by Bryan Cook, the new chair of CEC’s Committee on Evidence-Based Practices, explores what evidence-based practice means for researchers, teacher educators, practitioners and administrators, and how evidence-based practices differ from other practices that claim to be research-based. As with CEC/DR’s previous webinars, one registration can be used for a group, as long as the group is using one computer. All you need is an internet connection, a speaker phone, and a computer projector, and your entire group can participate in the webinar. After the webinar is over, you will receive your own copy of the webinar file, which you can keep to re-show to classes or other groups at your convenience. With the CEC member discount, each webinar registration costs only $89.00.

Click here to register online at the CEC web site.

Hosted in Collaboration with CEC’s Division for Research (CEC-DR) Anyone who goes to a conference, attends professional development, or even has a conversation about instruction is bombarded with the term “evidence-based practice.” Evidence-based practices represent the most recent, and perhaps most sophisticated, attempt to identify what works and what has the potential to meaningfully improve the educational outcomes of students with disabilities. But what exactly does evidence-based practice mean for practitioners? How are evidence-based practices different from “best practices” and “research-based practices”? Where can you find them? How should you select them? How can you use them? How can you evaluate them? This webinar will provide researchers, teacher educators, administrators, teachers, parents and other stakeholders with the answers to these and other questions related to evidence-based practices for students with disabilities.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, 8 March 2011, 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern time (-5 hours GMT)

B. Cook

PRESENTER: Bryan Cook, University of Hawaii
Bryan Cook is a professor of special education at the University of Hawaii. He received his PhD in special education from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1997. One of his primary areas of research interest is evidence-based practices—how they are identified as well as issues related to their adoption and maintenance. Dr. Cook has published broadly on the topic, serving as lead guest editor, for example, for recent special issues related to evidence-based practices in special education in Intervention in School & Clinic (2008), Exceptional Children (2009), and Intervention in School & Clinic (2010). He is currently president-elect of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division for Research (CEC-DR) and chairs CEC’s Evidence-based Practice Workgroup. He is also the previous recipient of CEC-DR’s Distinguished Early Career Research Award.

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