Melvin D. Levine, 1940-2011

Dr. Melvin D. Levine, a widely known pediatrician who championed learning differences among children, died 17 February 2011 in Rougemont (NC, US) at age 71 years. Dr. Levine developed an extensive following for his views about atypical learning through his writing and lecturing while he practiced at Children’s Hospital in Boston (MA, US) and the Center for Development and Learning and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (NC, US).

A graduate of Brown and Oxford Universities who was born in New York City, Dr. Levine took his medical degree from Harvard, where he also later served on the faculty. During his career he wrote texts including Developmental-behavioral Pediatrics (edited with William B. Carey and Allen C. Crocker), Early Adolescent Transitions, Middle Childhood: Development and Dysfunction, and A Pediatric Approach to Learning Disoders, as well as many popular trade books, including A Mind at a Time, The Myth of Laziness, and Ready or Not, Here Life Comes. Along with Charles Schwab, Dr. Levine founded All Kinds of Minds.

Through extensive public exposure by speaking engagements and appearances on radio and television, Dr. Levine was able to promote his ideas about emphasizing the strengths of children with disabilities and of providing simplified explanations of their problems to the children themselves.

Dr. Levine’s reputation was tarnished by lawsuits alleging molestation of young patients during examinations for learning disabilities.

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