Easter Seals campaigns for early intervention

Under the headline “Tell President Obama To Help Kids With Disabilities Realize Their Full Potential,” Change.org promoted a petition encouraging support for early intervention for children with disabilities. It’s got to be difficult to sell people on the idea of increasing government expenditures in a time of substantial concern about federal deficits, but the Easter-Seals-sponsored petition is seeking to accomplish just that end. Here’s the pitch.

On the first day of kindergarten this fall, some families had more worries than others.

That’s because their new kindergartener has an undiagnosed disability. On the first day of school their pride and joy is already behind all the other children.

It’s a sad reality for too many parents. Every year, we fail to identify 1.45 million children under the age of 5 who have a disability or are at risk for a developmental delay.

With Easter Seals in their lives, kids get the early treatment and therapy they need to start school on par with their peers, succeed and achieve their dreams. But today, it’s harder than ever for families to access care, and essential programs to treat young children with disabilities are chronically underfunded and in danger of being scaled back even further in 2011.

Tell President Obama: Include $100 million in increased funding for early disability diagnosis and treatment of young children in your FY12 budget request.

Go here to sign the petition at Change.org. Visit and support the Easter Seals organization; it’s been doing a lot of good things for a very long time.

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John Lloyd

John Lloyd--founder and lead editor for SpedPro.org